Become One of Our Ambassadors!


Do you have an awesome style, want an awesome discount, and paid commission for your referrals?! You may be the perfect candidate for the Olive Branch Co. Ambassador Program!

How does the program work?

  • 1. You will be offered a 15% discount code to share with friends, family and social media followers. When they make a purchase, they can use this discount code during checkout.  

  • 2. You will share our page and use hashtag #shopatolivebranch wvery week, on your Instagram or Facebook accounts. It's very important to share at least once a week to help receive free items.

  • 3. As a Brand Ambassador, you are one of the faces of the company. Take selfies, tag us in them, let us know! We love to see our products on our customers! We share your photos on our Instagram and our Facebook so you may get a few more followers, but not without your consent.
  • 4. If you cannot abide by the rules set forth here, you will be subjective to being removed from ambassador status. We understand that things happen with life and we are only human, but under circumstances that may cause an issue (i.e. having a group contest and more people are pulling the weight more so than others), there may be an unfair advantage which will be unacceptable.


Free Item Rewards Program

Our ladies love this so much that we had to bring it back!

  • Tier 1-Get Any 1 Item Valued Up To $24.95 With $100 in Sales
  • Tier 2-Get Any 1 Item Valued Up to $29.95 With $150 in Sales
  • Tier 3-Get Any 1 Item Valued Up To $34.95 or More With $200 Worth In Sales 

When reaching a multiple tiers, you will be eligible for multiple items. For example, when you reach tier 2, you are eligible for your tier 1 & 2 items. So you will get two items, instead of one, but only eligible for the items in that tier-you cannot get 2 $29.95 items (1 $24.95 & 1 $29.95)


Do you get any discount codes to purchase products for yourself?

  • When you become an ambassador, you receive a 30% discount coupon, so you can have our products at a discounted price. This 30% OFF coupon is only for your personal use, do not share this coupon to anyone else. Coupon code CANNOT be combined with other current codes.

If you was invited or if you wish to become an Ambassador: send us an email at or message us on Facebook/instagram and include the text bellow (fill the blanks with your information):
  • "My name is _________, my Instagram account is @________. I agree with the Terms and Conditions of the Olive Branch Co. Ambassador Program and I want to become an ambassador of Olive Branch Co."

    We will contact you within 2 days to inform you your coupon codes!

    We hope to see y’all soon! 💕

     The Olive Branch Co.